Capabilities and Equipment
For Mechanical Drilling

 Excellon System 2000S
 Excellon System 2000
 Excellon MarkVII

For Drilling/Routing
 Excellon MarkVI Drill/Router
Posalux Multifor 22 Drill/Router

 Ancillary Equipment

 Glenbrook Technologies X-Ray machine with Sony video printer.
 Excellon Drill/Rout edit CAM station with HP Designjet 500plus plotter. Graphicode GCcam Prevue Plus.
 Excellon OPIC IIIB
 One work station running Barco UCAM software.
Mechanical drilling.
 Maximum panel size 622 mm x 762 mm (24.5" x 30").
Minimum Drill Size 0.10 mm.
Depth Drilling Capability ± 0.05 mm From top of panel.
Positional Accuracy ± 0.05 mm to ± 3 σ, depending on hole size.

Maximum panel size 600 mm x 724 mm (23.6" x 28.5").
 Minimum cutter size 0.5 mm
We are also able to read and convert Paper tapes.
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